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Zoya Charla

Here is the second of my Zoya polishes as promised. Charla from the 2010 Sparkle Collection is described as: a tropical blue sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer. Thankfully the formula is excellent and dries quickly and lasts forever, maybe there was something wrong with my Gemma? Honestly I wore this polish for 5 days with minimal tip wear without a top coat.

Somehow this beautiful blue base with green flecks manages to combine a glass flecked look and a foil-like metallic sheen. The end result is a mermaid like color that stays beautiful for days, even without a topcoat! It was a tough one to remove and left me with smurf blue finger tips :/but I guess it had to have some kind of drawback. I liked Charla enough to try a close up shot a few days after I first put it on to show how well it wears, so over all I would say this polish is definitely worth getting. I hope Zoya has another great deal like this (click here or here for a link to my earlier posts) where you can get two polishes for the cost of shipping



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