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Valentines Day Heart Tips “How To”

I was not going to do a valentine’s day nail design but I was inspired by all the heart tip nails I was seeing all over campus so I decided to give it a try. Most were pastel pinks and purples, so I decided to mix it up a bit and use my existing silver magnetic manicure and a hot pink from Nicole by OPI called It’s A May-Zing.

Here is how you can easily paint your own heart tips without any special tools. I just used the normal polish brush.

Step One: Apply a base color and wait for it to dry, here I used a magnetic nail polish in silver from Claire’s

Step Two: I then used my hot pink polish to make half of a rounded heart. I just used the brush from the bottle, but you could use a smaller nail art brush if you don’t think you have a steady hand.

Step Three: Using the same polish paint the second lobe of the heart. If you can see the base color through the tip you can apply additional coats.

Step Four: Apply a top coat once it is dry and you are all done 🙂


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