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Urban Outfitters Nude 4 and mini “how to”

I tried a polish from Urban Outfitters Nude Collection called Nude 4. I really like the color in the bottle, it looks very close to my skin tone in the bottle, but alas it dried much darker leaving me with icky pale skin. I found the brush was very difficult to use because it was thin and super stiff. I applied two coats to achieve smooth application. It dries with almost a satin finish which is nice, but decided that it was a little too boring looking for my taste so I decided to do a design inspired by Polish Me, Please! (one of my favorite nail blogs by the way 🙂 She has great instructions for checkered nails.

Here is two coats of Nude 4 before top coat:


Here is how I adapted the instructions from Polish Me, Please!

Step one: Cut out squares of tape making sure they have nice straight lines. I put them on the back of my hand to keep them within easy reach and to make sure they were not super sticky. If I forgot to do this the tape sometimes smeared or peeled up the polish.


Step two: Place the tape on nails in any design making sure it hangs over the sides of the nail for removal.


Step 3: Quickly paint the nail (I used Hard Candy’s Matte-ly in Love) and let it dry for about 15-20 seconds then you gently peel away the tape. And you are left with a cute easy design:) I only did two nails per hand but the possibilities are endless.




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