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Pros & Bronze

I’ve decided to put my polish buying on hold until I try out every polish in my collection. So with that I bring you Pros & Bronze from the OPI Fall 2011 Serena Williams Collection. This glittering bronze was released around the time of the  US Open (if you follow sports). This was the only polish from this collection that I picked up.

It is a glittering bronze based polish with gold, pink and amber glass glitter flakes. Which results in a coppery nude shade with a glass flake’s shimmer and a foil polish’s shine with just a hint of a gold duochrome shining just around the edges.

Pros and Bronze has a slightly thin consistency that only becomes fully opaque after 3 coats. It dries fairly quickly and has a smooth and shiny texture but after I took pictures I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite to protect the finish. I love the finish but I just do not think that this is a good color for my super pale skin tone.


Shine Of The Times and Seche

I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply today and finally picked up a bottle of Seche Vite top coat and base coat. They are currently buy one get one free. I have read countless blog posts about how amazing this combo is but I was waiting on a good promotion so that I could finally get them at a good price. Shine of the Times is from the Essie’s Luxeffects Collection released at the end of 2011 and The Luxeffects Collection is available now at certain CVS drugstores, but there were only a few left at my local store and it is no longer available on Essie’s web page because it is currently sold out. So if you love it as much as I do don’t walk, run to a store in your area that carries Essie.

Shine of the Times flashes between red, orange, gold, and green in a beautiful rainbow flakie effect. I layered one coat of Shine of the Times over two coats of a nameless dark blue jelly from Urban Outfitters, and dare I say it looks like Cult Nails Unicorn Puke…. of course I do not have Unicorn Puke to compare it to, but from what I see online this may satisfy my craving for the now unavailable Cult Nails beauty (you can google an image of Unicorn Puke or look at my other flakie review to see a picture of the bottle). The flakies are varied in size and it is more densely packed than my only other flakie (Finger Paints Motley reviewed here) allowing for close to full coverage over a dark polish. The formula is easy to apply and dries quickly, especially after using my new Seche Vite which seems so amazing compared to other tops coats I have used in the past. My second photo of Shine of the Times is is less direct lighting and you can see more of the dark base color.

Within my collection I would have to say Shine of the Times is easily the most interesting nail polish. I would highly recommend picking up a bottle.  Here is a close up below showing the amazing color morphing characteristics of this unique top coat.

Mermaid Nails

These nails were inspired by the mermaid like color of Zoya’s Charla (reviewed here) and Little Nails Mermaid/Fish Scale Nail Tutorial (here). Little Nails has some great nail art designs and is definitely worth checking out. The first problem that I came across is that I do not have a dotting tool, so I decided to make one with things I had at hand. I used a bristle from an old brush as the functional part of the tool and for a handle I glued the bristle into the eraser of a pencil. You can try to just push it in to the eraser, but it tends to come out when you switch dotting colors. It may not be pretty, but it is functional and free 🙂


Once you have a dotting tool you then have to pick out your base polish and find coordinating colors for the scales. I used Zoya’s Charla for my base, I applied two coats to all my nails and allowed it to dry. Then I went to my polish stash and tried to coordinate scale colors I chose 4 different blues (Urban Outfitters- Green 9 and no name blue jelly, OPI- Azure For Sure, China Glaze- For Audrey) a gold shimmer highlight (Orly- Ingenue).

So one you decide what colors you are going to use you need to set up an area that allows you to dot and change the color on the tool quickly and efficiently. My set up is pictured below, I loosened the lids on all the bottles and put a small dot of polish on my strip of aluminum foil. You want to keep the bottles open because as you work your paint dots will start to dry up if the dots are too big, or will quickly be used up if your dots are too small. I also soaked a portion of paper towel in nail polish remover to clean the dotting tool between dots.

To make the scales I started with the first row close to the base of the nail and I dotted different colors across the nail, overlapping them like the scales of a fish. I avoided placing dots of the same color next to each other, but if it doesn’t bother you then I think you can get away with using fewer colors of nail polish.

This was a really easy manicure to execute, but it can be a little bit time-consuming. Even though my scales didn’t come out perfect I still love the final result.


Excuse Moi!

I finally got around to trying Excuse Moi! from OPI’s Muppets holiday collection for 2011. I only bought 3 glitter colors from the collection Excuse Moi!, Gone Gonzo! (review here), and Divine Swine (which looks very similar to Gone Gonzo!).

Excuse Moi! contains medium round rainbow glitter with silver microglitter suspended in a dark pink base. It may easily be one of my new favorites, it reminds me of OPI’s Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection (reviewed here) except the pink base is darker and the larger glitter is many different rainbow colors instead of silver holographic glitter. Excuse Moi! goes on a little thick but dries very quickly. It has slightly rough texture that is hard to smooth out even with several coats of OPI’s Rapid Dry Top Coat, but lasts for days with only minimal tip wear. It is nearly opaque in 1 coat but I used 2 coats for pictures. I have Excuse Moi! on all fingers except my ring finger which has two coats of OPI’s Teenage Dream. In the close up below you can see the densely packed silver glitter and scattered medium sized rainbow glitter.

I highly recommend picking up Excuse Moi! because it is opaque in two coats, dries quickly, and lasts with minimal wear for well over 5 days.


My Little Vanities Blog Giveaway

*****Update**** Giveaway is now closed

My Little Vanities is having a great international giveaway (here) that ends 14th March. Here is a list of the goodies 🙂 Depend Crackle Effects in lime, mint, baby blue with silver shimmer and lilac, a golden holo fleck top coat, a colour changing polish from BYS and a duochrome from Flormal’s Miracle colours line. You get one entry just by telling her about your current nail polish lemming and leaving your email address, with the option af additional entries. Good luck polish fanatics 🙂

I Vant To Be A-Lone Star French Tips

First of all I loved the OPI Texas Collection mini bottle set that I purchased soon after they came out. I Vant To Be A-Lone Star is one of my favorite polishes that I own, now that I think about it i should have purchased a full-sized bottle :/… Oh well back to the polish, it is a light blue shimmer polish with almost a hint of grey. It has a so-called “sorbet-like” finish that is perfectly opaque in two coats. If you can still find it ( I still see it on eBay in mini and full size bottles at great prices when it is available) I highly recommend purchasing.

I used tape to create a fast french tip manicure. First I applied a clear base coat then allowed it to completely dry. Then (more detailed instructions here) I lined up my tape close to the edge of the nail and painted two quick coats of I Vant To Be A-Lone Star from the OPI Texas Collection for Spring/Summer 2011. After a few seconds you gently remove the tape and apply a top coat. It took me less than 5 minutes to complete this nail art, minus the dry time.

Valentines Day Heart Tips “How To”

I was not going to do a valentine’s day nail design but I was inspired by all the heart tip nails I was seeing all over campus so I decided to give it a try. Most were pastel pinks and purples, so I decided to mix it up a bit and use my existing silver magnetic manicure and a hot pink from Nicole by OPI called It’s A May-Zing.

Here is how you can easily paint your own heart tips without any special tools. I just used the normal polish brush.

Step One: Apply a base color and wait for it to dry, here I used a magnetic nail polish in silver from Claire’s

Step Two: I then used my hot pink polish to make half of a rounded heart. I just used the brush from the bottle, but you could use a smaller nail art brush if you don’t think you have a steady hand.

Step Three: Using the same polish paint the second lobe of the heart. If you can see the base color through the tip you can apply additional coats.

Step Four: Apply a top coat once it is dry and you are all done 🙂

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