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Magnetic Nail Polishes


Has anyone else been swooning over the China Glaze or Nails Inc. magnetic polishes but just can not bring themselves to pay the hefty $16 each for the Nails Inc polishes or have the time to hunt down the elusive (at least in my area) China Glaze magnet for magnetic polishes. Then I have just the polishes for you from Icing’s by Clair’s Magnetix. I was a little doubtful of the quality of their polishes based on past experiences (here) but all of their polishes were on sale buy one get one half off and were reasonably priced at $9 each with the magnet design in the cap.


I was so excited to post this find that I did not carefully clean up around my nails, but I am in love with this polish. The magnets also have the finger resting base like the Nails Inc. polishes that makes it easy to hold the magnet the correct distance from the nail without hitting it on the wet polish…. even though I did quite a few times when I first tried out the grey polish, pictured is my second attempt with the blueish purple. I will post another of the greyish silver once I change polishes.  There are 2 patterns to choose from straight lines and a wavy pattern, I did not realize this until I tried them out and I was really happy that I ended up with two different caps.

Over all both polishes had a thick consistency but they applied well and had full coverage with one coat, but to do the magnetic effect you go over the nail a second time with the polish then (quickly) hold the magnet over the wet polish. I tried the magnet both ways and it creates a crisp pattern, but only if you immediately put the magnet over the wet polish. I would highly recommend these polishes if you have been craving a magnetic polish without the large price tag.


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