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Mood Swing

I was super excited when I first noticed this polish at Icings by Clair’s in my local mall. For $5.50 a bottle you could have a unique color changing nail polish. When I saw this I was intrigued by the idea of an effortless gradient/french manicure. Unfortunately this polish was a nightmare to work with first my bottle cracked when I tried to unscrew the lid to use it for the first time. I’m not sure why this happened but the woman at the store said that I was not the first person this has happened to and exchanged it without any problems. The nightmare further continued when I finally got it home to test it, you see it was a streaky mess for the first two coats and applied similarly to OPI’s Black Shatter in the way that it was impossible to get full coverage because you removed polish with every stroke when you attempted to add more even if the color seems to be dry. So to get the final color in the photos I ultimately needed 4 coats for even coverage. The disappointment furthers once you figure out that it doesn’t even change colors once you have applied the necessary number of coats to achieve full coverage. It dries matte, but I applied OPI Rapid Dry Topcoat to see if it could correct the coverage problem, there are still quite a few visible streaks. I only wore this polish for about one day before removal. I will say that it has a really interesting color, but that is it’s only redeeming quality.


To wrap things up I would recommend passing on this particular polish, and possibly the whole brand. I also purchased the Mood Swing blue polish but I am reluctant to try it. The name is quite accurate when describing the whole process my mood changed from excited to entirely disappointed.



I decided to add-on to my (failed) blue matte nail polish. I used a dotting tool and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in #300 White On. At first I was going to just put one dot per nail but I decided to add more and it looked like falling snow.

I have not put a top coat on because I can see very prominent wear on the tips of all of my nails. So I will most likely be changing it soon.


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