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Teenage Dream

I originally purchased The Katy Perry OPI Collection’s Teenage Dream in July and was very impressed it has great coverage in two coats and it can be layered over a brighter pink or purple. It was released at the same time as black shatter, but I really don’t like how it looks so I almost never use it. Teenage Dream is easily my favorite polish in my whole collection with the densely packed tiny pink glitter and the sprinkling of larger multicolored reflective glitters. Unfortunately I found out with age it became thick and hard to apply but this can be easily remedied with the use of a professional polish thinner.

 Here is a zoomed in view of the glitter.

I’m reviewing this polish now, even though it came out a while ago because I recently purchased a second bottle at the hair salon in Wal-Mart OPI was also buy one get one 50% off. (I know awesome right?)


Halo Holographic Polish

I finally received my first halo nail polish from they have a great selection of colors but the only problem is that more often than not the polishes that I like are out of stock, but if you catch them while they are in stock they get them to you quickly. I ordered mine last saturday and I received it on Tuesday.

H707 Silver Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish 

I was so excited when I finally got my very own halo polish. It looked like it would take way too many layers to get full coverage so I layered it over one coat of a silver nail polish that came in a gift pack I purchased from Urban Outfitters last christmas. I only used two layers of the Glitter Gal Holographic Polish and it seemed to be amazing.  It looks like normal silver polish in certain light, but if you go outside it is super glittery and noticeable. When I went to take a few photos it was impossible to get a good photo, maybe it is just my camera because when I purchased it there were photos on the website….

You can see the effect slightly better in the close up:



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