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Smoke and Ashes with Luxe and Lush


Smoke & Ashes and Luxe and Lush are from the China Glaze Collection Colours From the Capitol  which were inspired by the recently released Hunger Games movie. I saw it last weekend and is amazing 🙂 I also just started the second book, sorry I will get back to the nail polish now. So far I have only picked up three polishes from this collection Smoke and Ashes, Luxe and Lush, and Fast Track. Even though I was extremely excited for this collection when I saw them in person I was reluctant to pick up every color. Smoke and Ashes (representing District 12 – Mining) is a not quite black, but very dark blue base that contains green and blue glass  flecks. Luxe and Lush (representing District 1 – Luxury) is a top coat with irregularly shaped crystalline  mylar flakes that looks like shards of glass.

As far as formula goes for Smoke and Ashes I have few complaints, it is a  thick but smooth polish that is very pigmented and covers the nail beautifully in almost one coat. I applied two coats to even things out, I would recommend a longer drying time between coats because I ran into flooded cuticles and some dragging with my second coat. As far as the glass flecks go they are beautiful in direct sunlight and less visible in the pictures than in person. I am always cautious when it comes to wearing polish that looks like it will stain nails, so I doubled up on the base coat just to be safe.

Luxe and Lush is amazing top coat that has mylar flakes suspended in a clear milky base. It is essentially everything I wanted  China Glaze Snowglobe to be. I tried brushing this on in the traditional way and it just doesn’t work with these kinds of polish. I found that I had to drip or smear the flakes on to the nail and move them around until I had desired coverage. The flakes shift depending on the base color worn, but I can see blue/green and pink/gold shifts when worn over Smoke and Ashes. This was a really hard polish to photograph, but it looks so amazing in person.



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