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Kiss Nail Dress

I received a package of Kiss nail stickers for christmas and I immediately put them on. The packaging says that they go on in minutes, but it took me nearly an hour to get the strips cut down to the right size and finished on my nails. I’ve used nail fraud nail stickers before and application was much faster, but they were not jeweled/textured. So I’m assuming it was the texture of the strips that complicated the process. They did turn out really cool looking though.

I couldn’t really tell if there was a specific name for each design, but here is a picture of the packaging.

Here is how they look on my nails, the second photo being a close up that shows the true colors of the dots. You can kinda see the texture of the jewels on the thumb nail in the first picture.

 I wore these nail art stickers from Christmas day all the way until New Years Eve. The only problem that I came across were the jewels/textured dots popping off. I also used the leftover strips in the pack on my toenails with great results, they are still on my toes with no signs of wear and no missing jewels.

I would highly recommend these strips for pedicures or as a special occasion manicure.


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