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White and Grey Mani

I decided to break away from glitter, if only for a few days 🙂 I opted for a more neutral, but not boring grey and white tape manicure. I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in #300 White On and fully painted my index, middle and ring fingers with one coat. I love that this is a one coater polish but the only problem that I face is that it dries too quickly and can get a little thick on the brush and transfer too much to the nail. I may be on the lookout for a new white polish, so if anyone has suggestions I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 Then I used Urban Outfitters Grey 4 to fully paint my pinky and thumb nails with two thin coats. Using the same technique as my other tape manicure (here) I waited until the white was fully dry then I taped off a portion of my ring and index nails and painted the uncovered area grey. Then after I allowed the polish to dry for 15-20 seconds I gently peeled the tape off.


I was going for exactly half but it turned out a little diagonal. The photo above would have looked so great if I had gotten the lines perfect :/ I got a lot of complements on this look and I will be trying this using glitters or bright neon colors soon.



Galaxy Nails mini “how to”


I finally got around to making my own version of galaxy or space nails. I have seen many different approaches but I used the sponging technique.

Polishes used:

Base Coat: China Glaze Haunting- A black base with tiny silver glitter.

Sponging Colors: OPI Holy Pink Pagoda!- A hot pink and Azure for Sure- a turquoise blue.

Glitter Accents: China Glaze Snow Globe- an iridescent, multi-colored glitter.

Scrapbooking shapes- iridescent star and moon shapes.


How to:

First I applied two coats of China Glaze’s Haunting as the base coat and allowed it to dry. Then I used a tiny chunk of sponge dipped in with either Holy Pink Pagoda! or Azure for Sure and lightly sponged splotches of color in concentrated areas to create the “cosmic dust.” If you find that you applied too much of either color simply sponge more of your base color over the top. If you desire to add “stars” simply sponge on a tiny bit of China Glaze’s Snow Globe. I also added some scrapbooking accents to my thumbs to emphasize the space theme.

I love how these nails turned out and they were so simple to execute. If anyone has any galaxy nail tips or versions of your own I would love to see them 🙂

Last Friday Night Half Moons

I decided to try a half-moon manicure with my new Katy Perry by OPI polish Last Friday Night. I used the same technique with round reinforcement stickers that I used in my last half-moon post. I painted below the reinforcement stickers with an unnamed blue jelly polish from the fall Urban Outfitters nail polish set. And after I allowed the dark blue to dry I applied Last Friday Night to the upper portion by using a small nail art brush.

Teenage Dream Half-Moons


I recently started doing nail art so I love design that looks complex and hard to do, but really takes about 5 minutes. The perfect solution is a half-moon manicure. With round reinforcement stickers and a little practice a great half-moon manicure is as simple as any other tape manicure.

I loved how this turned out 🙂 I first cut my round reinforcement stickers in half then I applied them to the base of my nail. Then I painted below the reinforcement stickers with OPI’s Holy Pink Pagoda! I did two thin coats and I allowed them to dry for 15-20 seconds before removing the stickers. Mine did not turn out exactly perfect so to cover up any imperfections I applied 1 coat of OPI’s Teenage Dream over my whole nail. I loved the effect but next time I will just apply glitter to the upper portion.


I finally got Opi’s Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Collection 🙂 I still need Not Like The Movies but I am one step closer to owning the whole collection 🙂



Urban Outfitters Nude 4 and mini “how to”

I tried a polish from Urban Outfitters Nude Collection called Nude 4. I really like the color in the bottle, it looks very close to my skin tone in the bottle, but alas it dried much darker leaving me with icky pale skin. I found the brush was very difficult to use because it was thin and super stiff. I applied two coats to achieve smooth application. It dries with almost a satin finish which is nice, but decided that it was a little too boring looking for my taste so I decided to do a design inspired by Polish Me, Please! (one of my favorite nail blogs by the way 🙂 She has great instructions for checkered nails.

Here is two coats of Nude 4 before top coat:


Here is how I adapted the instructions from Polish Me, Please!

Step one: Cut out squares of tape making sure they have nice straight lines. I put them on the back of my hand to keep them within easy reach and to make sure they were not super sticky. If I forgot to do this the tape sometimes smeared or peeled up the polish.


Step two: Place the tape on nails in any design making sure it hangs over the sides of the nail for removal.


Step 3: Quickly paint the nail (I used Hard Candy’s Matte-ly in Love) and let it dry for about 15-20 seconds then you gently peel away the tape. And you are left with a cute easy design:) I only did two nails per hand but the possibilities are endless.





Ingenue is a pinkish purple metallic packed full of gold leaning toward copper shimmer from Orly’s holiday 2011 Holiday Soiree collection. This is not a normal pick for my collection but when I spotted Ingenue on clearance I could not pass it up. The formula is a bit thin, but not to runny. I needed two coats to get the results seen in the photos below, I would recommend an additional coat if you prefer not having a visible nail line in certain light. I took way too may pictures trying to capture the interesting shimmer effect so there are quite a few photos below.


Ingenue is a very shimmery holiday nail polish and you can even find it on sale at certain Sally’s Beauty Supply locations like I did. I highly recommend buying this polish because it is an interesting polish with a great formula.


I love how this looks close up 🙂


Mood Swing

I was super excited when I first noticed this polish at Icings by Clair’s in my local mall. For $5.50 a bottle you could have a unique color changing nail polish. When I saw this I was intrigued by the idea of an effortless gradient/french manicure. Unfortunately this polish was a nightmare to work with first my bottle cracked when I tried to unscrew the lid to use it for the first time. I’m not sure why this happened but the woman at the store said that I was not the first person this has happened to and exchanged it without any problems. The nightmare further continued when I finally got it home to test it, you see it was a streaky mess for the first two coats and applied similarly to OPI’s Black Shatter in the way that it was impossible to get full coverage because you removed polish with every stroke when you attempted to add more even if the color seems to be dry. So to get the final color in the photos I ultimately needed 4 coats for even coverage. The disappointment furthers once you figure out that it doesn’t even change colors once you have applied the necessary number of coats to achieve full coverage. It dries matte, but I applied OPI Rapid Dry Topcoat to see if it could correct the coverage problem, there are still quite a few visible streaks. I only wore this polish for about one day before removal. I will say that it has a really interesting color, but that is it’s only redeeming quality.


To wrap things up I would recommend passing on this particular polish, and possibly the whole brand. I also purchased the Mood Swing blue polish but I am reluctant to try it. The name is quite accurate when describing the whole process my mood changed from excited to entirely disappointed.

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