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Sephora Arm Candy and Rainbow in the S-kylie

Happy New Year ūüôā Before today I had never tried Sephora by OPI¬†nail polish, but I was at my friend’s house¬†and my nails were naked *Ewwww* so she let¬†me shop her nail polishes. I finally settled on a bright pink Sephora by OPI¬†color called Arm Candy. As far as formula goes it was relatively¬†thin but was easy to manage.¬†This particular shade¬†required¬†two coats to achieve¬†an even color, but I did three to see if I could¬†cover up the visible nail line. Unfortunately¬†I only wore it for 12 hours before there were tiny chips at the tips of my nails, this could be explained by a lack of base and top coat so I will have to do a more thorough review at a later time.


I received Rainbow in the S-Kylie from¬†the Nicole by OPI’s¬†Kardashian¬†Kolor¬†Collection¬†as a christmas gift from my mom, I really wanted OPI’s¬†Rainbow Connection but¬†she¬†couldn’t find it. I feel like they are almost clones so I am happy that she took the time to hunt down a comparable color. It has varying sizes of multicolored hexagon glitters and provides a great glitter bomb accent in two coats (as pictured on my ring finger below). The Nicole by OPI has a thinner brush that makes it a tad harder to apply than other glitters, but if you can not find Rainbow Connection it is¬†a great clone. Please excuse the chips I havent gotten around to ordering my own bottle of Arm Candy yet ūüôā


I’m¬†adding this photo because I believe that it shows the true color of Arm Candy even though my hand slipped while I was taking the photo.



Glittery Green Layering

I really love this glittery green color. I usually wear the Urban Outfitters Green 9 alone but the other day when I went to Sally Beauty Supply I decided to buy the new Finger Paints Art You Wondering which is a very similar color of super fine turquoise glitter in a clear polish.

Urban Outfitters Green 9 and Finger Paints Art You Wondering Bottles

I first put on a clear base coat to protect my nails for staining, it also makes it easier to take the polish off. Then I used two coats of Urban Outfitters¬†Green 9, allowing it to dry between applications. Then when my nails were completely dry I added one coat of Finger Paints Art You Wondering. I think that the colors matched up really well, you wouldn’t¬†think that they were two separate¬†brands. This layering is pretty inside but when you see¬†it in¬†the sunlight it is dazzling.

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