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Finger Paints Special Effects Motley

I’ve wanted a flaky polish ever since I stumbled upon a review of Unicorn Puke by Cult Nails (pictured below) unfortunately it also comes with about a $16 price tag if you can find it at all. It is a rainbow of flakies in a blue/purple base.

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Motley on the other hand contains a mixture of blue and green flakies in a clear base. I applied two thin coats of Motley over my pervious manicure (OPI’s Fly by Nicki Minaj). I found that Motley applied really well with great coverage in two coats, and dried relatively quickly. Motley works well as a layering polish, because it was made to be layered: Finger Paints sells a black polish alongside the special effects. I decided to pass on this option because I wanted to show the versatility of flakies over other polishes.

This is the first flaky polish I’ve owned so I kinda failed to photograph the color changing/prism effect. I think that the last photo gives you a better idea, but this does not do the polish justice.

I highly recommend this polish to anyone who wants a versatile layering flaky polish for a reasonable price.


Glittery Green Layering

I really love this glittery green color. I usually wear the Urban Outfitters Green 9 alone but the other day when I went to Sally Beauty Supply I decided to buy the new Finger Paints Art You Wondering which is a very similar color of super fine turquoise glitter in a clear polish.

Urban Outfitters Green 9 and Finger Paints Art You Wondering Bottles

I first put on a clear base coat to protect my nails for staining, it also makes it easier to take the polish off. Then I used two coats of Urban Outfitters Green 9, allowing it to dry between applications. Then when my nails were completely dry I added one coat of Finger Paints Art You Wondering. I think that the colors matched up really well, you wouldn’t think that they were two separate brands. This layering is pretty inside but when you see it in the sunlight it is dazzling.

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