Viva La Nails Decals

Mail is here 🙂 I finally received my Viva La Nails water decals and nail stickers from These products were sent to me free of charge as part of the Viva La Nails Blogger Sample Pack.  Even though they had to ship all the way from the UK it only took 6 days! I had never used nail art decals before so I was excited to give these a try. I decided to use the butterfly water decals first, pictured in the top left. I followed the instructions on their website on using water decals, and I must say it was easy once you figured out a technique that works for you but I did mess up my first two attempts resulting in two ruined decals 😦 but even when I messed up the decal it was easy to fix. Below is a photo of my workstation. I found it easiest to use a shallow container lid for the water. I also found that a toothpick was a great tool to press down the edges of the decals once they were on the nail. Just be sure to seal generously with top coat. The whole process reminded me of those temporary tattoos that I had when I was little 🙂

Here is a photo of my final result below. Look at how bright the orange butterfly is and how perfect the wings are 🙂 The decals really pop against the Nicki Minaj by OPI color Fly. ( Review of Fly is here )

I love the way these decals look and wear. The detail is amazing, like nothing you could do at home yourself, they almost look airbrushed. They also lie flat to the nail with no raised edges that could catch on things or get pulled off. They also come in a ton of designs and colors. I would highly recommend these and all other Viva La Nails Water Decals for manicures and pedicures.

These products were sent to me free of charge as part of the Viva La Nails Blogger Sample Pack. (I highly recommend getting your own sample if you have a nail polish blog all you have to do is pay shipping)


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  1. These look (and sound) great! I might have to order some for myself

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