I finally got around to trying a few of my Nicki Minaj mini polishes by OPI. I was pleasantly surprised by the brightness of the green and blue (Did it on ‘Em and Fly respectively) and I loved the creamy pink (Pink Friday) and the interesting bar glitter (Save Me). I decided to pass on buying the larger bottles in this collection because I never finish a bottle of polish and they were a great deal at 4 mini bottles for just under $13. This means that I didn’t get the purple shatter (Super Bass Shatter) and black metallic glitter (Metallic 4 Life) but this is fine because I do not often wear shatters and I have a black Metallic glitter from the China Glaze Halloween Collection called Haunting.  But moving on…. this is a review of the color Fly.


The formula of Fly was wonderful and held up to OPI’s high standards. It applied well and had great coverage with two coats. I love the creamy yet bright turquoise blue. I have worn this color for almost 5 days now with decorations and modifications that I will be showing in posts to follow. I never wear polish this long but I couldn’t bring myself to remove it so I left it on and modified it several times. In the picture below I used my new favorite top coat OPI Rapid Dry that is why it is pictured below and because the photo looked silly with the mini bottle.



Comments on: "Fly" (1)

  1. I agree.. photos always look funny with the tiny bottles. I think it looks like I have giant hands, haha. 🙂

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