Gone Gonzo!

I finally got around to trying one of my Muppets Collection Nail Polishes. I only bought 3 glitter colors from the collection, Gone Gonzo!, Divine Swine, and Excuse Moi! Overall many of the non glitters from this collection are similar to other colors that I already own so I was able to practice some self-control and only buy the polishes that I could not live without.

Gone Gonzo! is a  clear nail polish glitter packed with large hexagon silver glitter and smaller turquoise glitters. I achieved great coverage in 2 to 3 coats. In my photos I layered 2 coats of Gone Gonzo! over one coat of China Glaze Platinum Silver to highlight the silver hexagon glitters.

Gone Gonzo! without flash:


Gone Gonzo! with Flash:


And finally a close up of the glitter packed wonder. I am currently in love, but I have not yet tried to remove it… hopefully it removes better than Rainbow in the S-Kylie…


Comments on: "Gone Gonzo!" (2)

  1. The removal is…. ROUGH! You’ll definitely want to use the foil or soak-off method! I love this polish but mannn… I do get tired of the removal. I’m wearing “Save Me” right now from the Nicki Minaj collection and I’m not excited about taking it off either. I think we’ll both be cursing glitter when we do it! Good luck! 😀

    • I timed myself and even using the foil method it took almost half an hour to completely remove it. Even though I love glitter I dread the removal.

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