Matte? Top Coat

I have seen a ton of posts on other blogs about matte nail polishes but have not bought one myself. I decided to get a matte top coat so that I could make any color that I have matte. I wanted to buy Essie Matte About You because I have heard good things, but it was sold out. I settled for Seche Vite Matte Top Coat. I decided to try it out over China Glaze Frostbite a shiny blue.


I was very disappointed with the matte effect. It has almost no effect and was way too expensive for the product that you get.


Here is a zoomed in view of the nail, I only used two coats of the matte top coat over one of Frostbite. Next time I may try a few more coats or try mixing it into the color before I apply it to my nails.





Comments on: "Matte? Top Coat" (4)

  1. I use Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love and have good results with one coat. I’ll try to post a good photo of it in my next post. 🙂 It’s inexpensive and I buy mine at the dreaded local Wal-Mart…

  2. I just checked my blog and saw that my 1st post was with Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love!!! See it here…

  3. I just came across this post, and in case you haven’t found anything yet- Essie Matte About You works really well. I think that Seche that you used is meant to be used as a nail treatment and not so much a mattifying topcoat so I wonder if that’s not why it didn’t work. :-/ I hope you found something that worked! Matte nails are sporadically fun 🙂

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