I was happy to discover this weekend that my local Sally Beauty Supply now caries Color Club nail polish 🙂 I have often fallen in love with all of the colors and chunky glitter polishes that I am unable to purchase in my area. This being said the (very tiny) display was entirely cleaned out except for the two colors that I purchased. I checked online to see if I could find out more about this holiday collection but it seems like no one has heard of it. I found out from the display at Sally’s that the collection is called Scent-Suous and it is made up of 6 scented colors; there are 2 metallics/foils, 3 chunky glitters, and one regular glitter. I havent worn them yet but I look forward to posting photos and rate how they wear in the coming days, and maybe tracking down the remaining colors.

Very Merry Berry. It contains a chunky hex glitter in light blue and magenta with some small pieces of silver glitter. It smells kind of like berries but mostly just like a normal nail polish, maybe the smell is stronger when it dries.


Orna-Minted. This one I am so excited to try out! It has tons of silver glitter in large hex and small round pieces. This one really smells like fresh mint. I looked online and to me it looks very similar to Platinum Record from the Backstage Pass collection that I really wanted but infinitely better because it is scented.


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